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The Nostalgia 60ml Bundle
  • The Nostalgia 60ml Bundle

Take a tasty trip down memory lane with three flavors sure to remind you of simpler times. Simplex E-Liquids' Grape Lemonade paired with PB&J is sure to take you way, way back, and the sugary finish of Coval Vapes' Nana Puddin is the delicious finishing touch. Get ready to reminisce with this e-liquid bundle!

  • Grape Lemonade is a tart lemonade background with a punch of sweet grape to round it out.
  • PB&J is smooth and creamy peanut butter complete with all the sweetness and subtle salty notes you'd expect paired together with a doughy bread-like flavor that softly coats the tongue and then finished up with the 1-2-punch of sugary strawberry jelly!
  • Nana Puddin is just like the name says - banana pudding. This is a super tasty one, there's even a taste of vanilla wafer dipped into the nana puddin.