Electrifying Fruit 60ml Bundle

Electrifying Fruit 60ml Bundle

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Electrifying Fruit 60ml E-Liquid Bundle

Now you can try a 60ml bottle of each of Coval Vapes' most exciting and powerful fruit flavors including Coval's popular Pearberry, Simplex's tangy Green Apple, and the chilly, fruity shock of Rezul's Anode!

  • Coval Vapes' Pearberry is tart pear on the inhale mellowed by a cool honeydew and notes of strawberry throughout making this blend a delicious all day vape.
  • Simplex E-Liquids' Green Apple tastes just like the tasty little green candies you loved unwrapping as a kid, and will leave you mouth watering for more!
  • Rezul E-Liquids' Anode is stone fruit, melon and berry blended into a truly unique fruit experience accented by anise and finishing with a light chill; this is a truly unique vape experience.

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