30ml Rezul Sample 3-Pack

30ml Rezul Sample 3-Pack

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Rezul Complete 30ml E-Liquid Bundle

Anode is stone fruit, melon and berry blend into a truly unique fruit experience accented by anise and finishing with a light chill. This isn’t your usual anise flavor that is overwhelmingly strong. This is a truly unique vape experience and once you try it, we're sure you will agree. Different temperatures bring out different fruits with higher heats bringing out more of the stone fruits. The anise rounds everything out and gives it an almost candied taste.

Entropy is oatmeal cookie with blueberry cream. While it may sound simple on the surface, this flavor is deeply complex and has different notes at different wattages and temperatures. The warmer the vape, the stronger the oatmeal comes through and the cream really becomes more pronounced. The fresh picked blueberries are prominent on the inhale while the oatmeal lingers on the tongue.

Isotope is a delicious and flaky baklava with smooth notes of sugar and honey topped with slightly salty and nutty pistachios. This is a dessert vape like no other, folks. The complexity of this flavor alone will astound you as you notice new, subtle tastes with every inhale and exhale. Crank up the heat for an even deeper and more rich baked flavor as the sweet and salty blend into a flawless finish.

Rezul E-Liquid features a 35% PG & 65% VG base.

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