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JayBo Bundle - Neutron RDA, Cylin RTA & Notch Coils
  • JayBo Bundle - Neutron RDA, Cylin RTA & Notch Coils

Dripper or tank? Flavor or convenience? One or the other? Coval has decided to weigh on this monumental battle with a simple counterpoint: why not both?

For a very, very limited time, grab an dripper and a tank from the extremely popular vape gear designer, JayBo, with a pack of his famous Notch Coils for our super low-priced JayBo Bundle ! Never have to pick a side again as you can enjoy the benefits of both a dripper and tank in one, simple bundle.

 This bundle comes with a 30% off coupon for your next e-liquid order!

Neutron RDA

The Neutron features a replaceable atomizer base and a unique vortex flow design. With the optional atomizer base, users can create coils in series or in parallel based on their preference. The top cap's vortex flow design brings out improved flavor and astonishing performance. Adjust the airflow to your liking and then puff away!

Made of stainless steel, the Neutron RDA is super durable, and all the component can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can change the atomizer base with the equipped accessories to use your coils in series or parallel! Check out Wismec's animated image below:

Cylin RTA

Capable of being a dripper or a tank, the Cylin features a unique and leak-resistant bottom airflow. The air travels up through the positive and negative posts hitting the coil directly insuring complete coil coverage and ultra-dense, full flavor. Another killer idea is that the tank section is compatible with other dripping atomizers that share the same sleeve size, converting them into auto-drip tanks.

Notch Coil (5-Pack)

Providing a Clapton coil levels of flavor, the Notch Coil has the most consistent surface area of any coil ever creating a truly luxurious vaping experience. The thinner stainless steel allows for nearly no ramp up time at all meaning you'll go from pressing the button to vaping almost instantly!

Temperature control lovers, your new favorite coil is here!

Note: Notch Stainless Steel Coils arrive pre-wicked with cotton.