Coval Vapes Signature Selection 30ml Bundle

Coval Vapes Signature Selection 30ml Bundle

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Coval Vapes Signature Selection 30ml E-Liquid Bundle

After much consideration, Coval Vapes has taken the six flavors in our lineup that we felt truly represented our e-liquids and our company as a whole. Check out Coval Vapes Signature Selection.

For a limited time, you can enjoy a 30ml bottle of Azeroth, Cereal 7, Loopy Pebbles, Nana Puddin, Pearberry, and Strawberry Creamcake for only $59.95. That is 180ml of some of Coval's most popular, trendsetting flavors for a discounted price.

Azeroth is our take on an RY4 tobacco blend with notes of caramel and vanilla present throughout. Cereal 7 tastes like a sugary handful of a classic cereal flavor, and Loopy Pebbles pops with fruity goodness layered with a grain cereal taste with a splash of milk! Nana Puddin is a rich vanilla pudding with fresh bananas and notes of vanilla wafers. Pearberry is a mildly tart berry base with full and fragrant pear creating a unique fruit blend. Lastly, Strawberry Creamcake is a strawberry-infused cake flavor slathered in coconut cream cheese frosting!

These flavors have a 30% PG and 70% VG base.

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