30ml Tobacco Sample 3-Pack

30ml Tobacco Sample 3-Pack

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30ml Tobacco Sample 3-Pack

Sometimes you just want a good, everyday tobacco flavor once you've done the rounds on fruity and dessert flavors. Coval's Tobacco Sample Pack provides a range of tobacco flavors from rich pipe tobaccos to more standard smoky variants.


Azeroth, our unique take on the traditional RY4 tobacco. Sweet, rich pipe tobacco blended with layers of smooth caramel and creamy vanilla. The inhale is the sweet RY4 tobacco while the exhale is almost a cake-like dessert. Tobacco fans and non-fans alike will find something to love about Azeroth.


In our opinion, this is the perfect tobacco for new vapers. It's an extremely accurate cigarette taste that tastes like what someone remembers a cigarette tastes like - not what a cigarette actually tastes like.


Tobacco blend with a sweet kick. Notes of berries, tea, and rich smoky tobacco all combine for a wonderful light vape.


This sample pack includes three 30ml bottles.

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