WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

It's a hobby, not a habit.™

30ml Breakfast Sample 3-Pack
  • 30ml Breakfast Sample 3-Pack

30ml Breakfast Sample 3-Pack

Breakfast fans rejoice! Coval Vapes brings you a sample pack built from the ground up especially for you! Two cereal flavors and a delicious breakfast pastry to make your morning (and every morning) a treat!

Cereal 7

Tastes just like a big handful of the fruity cereal you loved as a kid! A fan-favorite for good reason. Citrus, berries, and the crunch we all remember.

Loopy Pebbles

Every inhale is a fruity and sugary pop of flavor with a distinct grain breakfast cereal base ending with a creamy finish. Every puff is full and sweet with soft layers of different fruits formulated to pair perfectly with the wholesome full-bodied cereal flavor.


You can almost hear the click of the toaster as you take a long, joyful inhale of this delicious fruit-filled breakfast pastry flavor. Kicking up the heat brings out richer notes of delicate, flaky pastry as well as sugary & mildly tart notes of the raspberry filling. A soft blueberry palate rests beneath the stronger fruit notes that hit you on the inhale, while the baked, doughy flavors linger on the tongue for a lasting taste of bliss.