8816 Liquids Complete 60ml Bundle

8816 Liquids Complete 60ml Bundle

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8816 Liquids Complete 60ml E-Liquid Bundle

Wanna try out the newest e-liquid line from Coval? Now you can and for a discounted price! Get a 60ml bottle of every 8816 Liquids flavors at a huge discount!

A blend of cereal flavors with notes of fruit and blended at ~65% VG. Different fruit notes will emerge at different temperatures.

Maple folded into luxuriously smooth cream with a peanut crumble. Blended at ~65% VG.

Crisp wafers dipped in milk chocolate with a light peppermint accent. Kokomo is blended at ~65 VG.

Slightly tart and creamy key lime custard expertly blended with ~65% VG.

Raspberry, strawberry and a hint of banana folded into creamy yogurt with a touch of tanginess. Higher temperatures will bolden the fruit and bring out more yogurt taste. Tango is blended at ~65 VG.

Fans of RY4 and 555 style tobacco flavors will appreciate Yukon’s combination of bold and leafy tobacco accented with caramel, vanilla and a profound nuttiness. Yukon is blended at ~65% VG.



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