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Yukon Nicotine Salts
8816 Liquids Yukon Nicotine Salts E-Liquid A bold and leafy pipe tobacco with strong accents of...
Tango Nicotine Salts
8816 Liquids Tango Nicotine Salts E-Liquid Raspberry, strawberry, and a hint of banana folded into creamy...
Decadence Nicotine Salts
8816 Decadence Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Decadence has the engaging complexity of maple folded into luxuriously...
Kokomo Nicotine Salts
8816 Liquids Kokomo Nicotine Salts E-Liquid A crispy chocolate-covered wafer cookie with a surprising, subtle touch...
8816 Nicotine Salt Bundle
8816 Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Bundle Nicotine Salts are all the craze! Dive into the world of...
Aurora Nicotine Salts
8816 Aurora Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Strong notes of oranges and a blend of cereal flavors...
Lima Nicotine Salts
Lima Nicotine Salts A sugary, tart key lime custard with delicate notes of baked goodness...
Solace Salts Strawberry
Solace Salts Strawberry Sweet and fresh California strawberries packed into an e-juice.
Solace Salts Butterscotch
Solace Salts Butterscotch Rich butterscotch with a creamy aftertaste.
Solace Salts Dragon Fruit Menthol
Solace Salts Dragon Fruit Menthol Dragon Fruit Menthol is a minty flavor designed to replicate...
Solace Salts Mango
Solace Salts Mango Mango is a sweet and rich mango flavor that is perfect for...
Solace Salts Lemonade
Solace Salts Lemonade Crisp and refreshing lemonade with a hint of strawberry and kiwi. This...