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Cereal 7
Coval Vapes Cereal 7 E-Liquid Tastes just like a big handful of the fruity cereal you...
Coval Vapes Churro E-Liquid The perfect vape to satisfy any sweet tooth! Sweet cinnamon and...
Loopy Pebbles
Coval Vapes Loopy Pebbles E-Liquid Every inhale is a fruity and sugary pop of flavor...
Nana Puddin
Coval Vapes Nana Puddin E-Liquid Just like the name says - banana pudding. This is...
Coval Vapes Azeroth E-Liquid Azeroth, our unique take on the traditional RY4 tobacco. Sweet, rich pipe...
PBB Cream
Coval Vapes PBB Cream E-Liquid Peanut butter and banana whipped together and drizzled with homemade...
Coval Vapes Pearberry E-Liquid Tart pear on the inhale mellowed by a cool honeydew and...
Strawberry Creamcake
Coval Vapes Strawberry Creamcake E-Liquid A decadent strawberry cupcake with coconut cream cheese icing. Simply...
Butterscotch Pudding
Coval Vapes Butterscotch Pudding E-Liquid Decadent custardy vanilla pudding swirled with delicious butterscotch. This is one...
Chocolate Donut
Coval Vapes Chocolate Donut E-Liquid This one will make you think of Sunday breakfast. A...
Creme Brulee
Coval Vapes Creme Brulee E-Liquid A delectable and creamy vanilla custard with a sweet and...
Coval Vapes Discovery E-Liquid Discovery is sweet, sticky rice dough coated in green tea ice...