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Almond Biscotti Cookie
The Refined Vaper Almond Biscotti Cookie E-Liquid The name says it all! It is an...
Kite In Cloud Arrivo E-Liquid Lenola Cream with a honeydew twist! "Dear KIC,Never steal a...
Cactus Chiller
Pinkies Up Cactus Chiller E-Liquid With Cactus Chiller, cool collides with fruit for a tantalizing treat!...
Corde Du Roi
Kite In Cloud Corde Du Roi E-Liquid A spiced peanut butter like no other. "Cardamom custard...
Good E-Liquid Rich, golden cake swirled with vanilla creme, topped with crumbly cinnamon streusel and...
Good.(er) Think creamy french vanilla ice cream with fresh spearmint chips.
Good.(est) Notes of cookie crumble, strawberry shortcake, rich creme, and crystalized sugar.
Lenola Cream
Kite In Cloud Lenola Cream E-Liquid "Bananas, pies, fruit medley tastes, and creaminess for miles."...
The Refined Vaper Tide E-Liquid Mango based tropical vape, with a hint of pineapple, and...