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The Curator's Notes - The 80V Family

The Curator’s Notes

At Coval Vapes, we take great pride in carrying only the very best vaping has to offer through a carefully curated selection. The Curator’s Notes is a series we will be releasing that will detail out our thought process on why we carry certain products and to invite your feedback on these products.

80V – the culmination of two of the best liquid manufacturers out there, John Nathan of Cassadaga Liquids and Steven Sapir of Beantown Vapor. Both of their lines have a massive following and 80V is no exception. The 80V family encompasses Beantown Vapor, Cassadaga Liquids, 80V, Smooth-e Liquids, Drip Vault, Liquified, and Pye Liquids. John and Steven are well known throughout the industry for their incredible flavors as well as critical analysis of issues facing the industry and proper ways to approach them.

We chose to pick up the 80v family for a number of reasons – incredible flavors, a focus on responsible marketing, responsible labeling, as well as a consistent message of tobacco harm reduction and advocacy for the industry.

Coval: How did you find out about vaping and get started?

John: I started vaping in late 2008 when I found a Chinese cig-a-like on the internet for $200. I was intrigued to quit smoking. Habitually went on and off a dual user over the years before quitting for good.

Steve: My young daughters begged me to stop smoking. They couldn’t understand why I would willingly use a product they knew killed people. As a dad, I knew I needed to be a worthy example for them and myself and quit. As a former IT guy and gadget junky, I heard about these Chinese devices and hunted one down in 2009. It was not a branded device, crude and primitive but it worked.... instantly. Every vaper knows that feeling - the feeling of freedom from the butts you never imagined was possible - that “holy shit - this will work” moment. It was an amazing event for me. It then became a manic race for more information, all the information. The obsession led me to build and modify devices, collect and eventually dedicate all of my zeal to crafting the best liquids I was capable of.


Coval: What are you vaping today?

John: Today? I have been vaping on a Beantown Vapor seasonal annual release that we just began this year’s production batch on called “Santa’s Sack” and it’s a creamy eggnog and gingerbread mix. 

: I usually have three mods nearby. Tonight, they’re tanked with Key Lime Pie by 80V, Fritter from PsiQuid and Cannoli Be One by Cassadaga. Bakeries are my thing and usually mix fruit and non-fruit desserts. I almost always vape our stuff. There’s a ton of great liquids out there but I still like to critique our own and seem to always be doing it.


Coval: What is the history of 80V - how did Cassadaga and Beantown Vapor come together?

John: Cassadaga began because of Beantown Vapor. My partner Steven believed in my ability and provided me a clean lab and workspace in his facility to operate in. 80V (pronounced A-D-V) was our collaborative effort. Over time we realized that our visions, philosophies and brand directions were aligned and we merged everything together under the 80V umbrella. 

: What John said but I’d also add that the combination of our mixing styles took everything to another level. Two liquid nerds with strong opinions of specific extracts, technique, and style combined with an efficient development process allowed us to put out a large catalog of what I consider exceptional market offerings in their respective profiles. They’re all unique; all of them bear a unique flavor signature you’ll start to recognize as you get familiar with us. We don’t pump and dump. If they don’t meet our standard, they stack up in what is now a massive collection of fails.


Coval: What are your personal favorites from your lines?

John: “Soul Custardy” by Beantown Vapor. 

: Cannoli Be One is simply insane and absolutely deserves it’s accolades. John smashed the entire line. Our Strawberry Banana Smooth-E is so realistic and perfectly balanced and Souly Cannoli by 80V for me, it’s irreplaceable in my top 3. 


Coval: If you could change one thing about the FDA regulations, what would it be?

John: Everything beginning with the classification of electronic cigarettes as a “tobacco product”. I feel it’s lazy and the momentous repercussions of such essentially crippled innovation. I do believe we need regulations as the rampant nonsense that’s perpetuated is out of hand and not in line with the collective goal of smoking cessation and harm reduction. I view the current regulations as a ‘de facto’ ban and feel an overhaul is not only necessary but deserved. 

: I wish then the entire discussion was dropped on its head and then returned to its feet with a general consensus that vaping is the greatest potential we have to improve the overall public health. We shouldn’t be talking about ways to limit options but rather have an honest discussion on how to do it responsibly and let this disruptive technology help those that will most certainly perish needlessly. Manufacturers, shop owners, regulators, legislators, peer-reviewed studies and an accurately informed public would be an amazing place to start.


Coval: How would you recommend consumers get involved with advocacy?

John: At the very core, be a positive representation of our industry. Simply not exhaling in public places or in people’s faces is a tremendous start. Vaping is arguably the greatest advancement in public health we will see and we are stunted heavily by our public image. Next, I would suggest letting your senators and representatives know that this issue matters to you and that you a registered to vote. Finally, I would suggest joining CASAA and reading the newsletters and partaking in Calls to Action. Have the medical reports in our favor handy as well to provide scientific backings to your health claims. 
Steve: John nailed it. I’d simply like to add - Don’t be a jerk! If we want respect and a seat at the table, we need to stop doing tornados on that table. If you lend your support to public hearings please look presentable - it matters. I’d also like to use the opportunity to thank the many consumers with no financial stake in the game who continue to do some amazing, selfless work. We cannot thank you enough. Jennifer Berger-Coleman comes to mind.


Coval: What role do you think conventions should play in the industry?

John: I feel we need to give the convention back to the smoker. I remember the old spirit of crushing cigarette packs and introducing new technology to people to help them make healthier choices. I feel that a “Come in and quit” coupled with healthy B2B blocks would be an ideal show. 

: Shows are a hell of a lot of fun. I’ll never get tired meeting the folks we have befriended all over the world - some of the most decent humans I’ve ever met. I would love to see promoters up their game vetting vendor applicants. Shows are just as much about PR as they are filling a convention floor.


Coval: How do you define self-regulation for the industry and how should it be implemented?

John: I feel that a collective board that certified branding and marketing as acceptable as a gold standard looked for by a structured regional and collaborative distribution network that only carries products accredited by said board would be a good example of a successful self-regulation model.

: We can only control our own actions and commit to being the change we seek. Manufacturers know damn well what responsible manufacturing looks like. I do see a glint of hope on this one. The vendor footprint will probably contract as expenses rise, as regulatory scrutiny ramps up and as shops figure out dumpster prices aren’t offered for exceptional products. We as an industry will get this one right.


The 80V flavors we currently offer:

DrizzledDelicious and velvety vanilla bean ice cream coated with a decadent caramel layer with bits and pieces of waffle cone. 

Honey Mellow
Honey nut cereal, marshmallows, a hint of golden graham cracker, and just a whiff of ripe banana (some taste it, some do not).  This is literally a mash-up blend of two separate, unfinished flavors, one developed by Beantown, the other developed by Cassadaga.  The incredible, unexpected result is Honey Mellow.

Soully Cannoli
Souly Cannoli starts as a perfectly balanced blend of the award-winning Soul Custardy and the best-selling Cannoli Be One.  Layer in a light, decadent tiramisu bridge note, and voila: Souly Cannoli. Imagine the essence of Soul Custardy with the body of Cannoli Be One, with just a hint of ladyfingers, dipped in caramel latte.

Pineapple Mango Smooth-EPineapple Mango is a perfectly balanced, velvety smooth, gently tangy, satisfyingly creamy blend of sweet ice cream, classic yogurt, and tropical fruits.   Expect very accurate, juicy fruit notes melded with their proven yogurt and ice-cream base.  A perfect summer vape.

It's clear from the interview that 80v is extremely passionate about the industry. John and Steve are known for their incredible flavors, responsible marketing & labeling, and supporting the industry. John and Steven's answers in the interview highlight the exact kind of company we want to support at Coval Vapes and the mindset we need to see more of in the industry. We couldn't be happier to be carrying the 80v flavors that we currently offer and plan to add more to our line-up over time. Which flavor do you want to see us carry next?

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Mike Hovis - Oct 12, 2018

Butter Pecan Toffee (Pye/80V)

Joel Bryant - Oct 12, 2018

Well done everyone. I’m a proud vape and loyal customer to 80v. John and Steven represent to me what responsibility and success in a tough market look like. Their products are consistently great and their customer service is second to none.

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