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The Return (and Rebirth) of Ultraportable Vaping

The year is 2016, right? I feel as though, as an industry, we’ve come full circle. I remember not that long ago, "cig-a-likes" as we’d call them, were just starting to gain traction. Popularity among vaping was on the rise and people were excited to try this brand new alternative.

I can recall a few memories of my first setup: a simple "cig-a-like" with a pre-filled cartridge half-full of some really bad menthol tobacco. The flavor was bland and, of course, the vapor was nearly non-existent. I ended up moving up to my first “pen” style device with a simple Protank Mini II. Then I bought my first mechanical mod, a SMOKTech Magneto with a Youde IGO 4. And to think, that’s considered a relic now!

As the industry grew and better technology became available, more and more people starting moving over to regulated devices. Regulated meant that this new hardware now had failsafes implemented and a chipset with adjustable power. They came in all shapes and sizes from tubes to boxes and everything in between. It seemed as though these new regulated devices were the future of vaping. Everyone was now walking around with a portable fog machine.

Fast-forward to the present, and we have returned to small, self-contained, incognito setups--improved, of course. Better flavor, better internals, more reliable, and a satisfying amount vapor. For example, the iCare and iCare Mini by eLeaf, and the Cync by Vape Forward. I personally know of several vapers who once loved to vape at high wattages and blow massive clouds, and even they are switching over to using these small setups.

Why? I think it’s because the chase for flavor and ease-of-use is meeting its end-game. Pricing, of course, is also a huge factor. I remember my very first setup costing me somewhere around $150. Now with these new convenient ultraportable setups, the price is literally a fraction of that. My personal favorite, the iCare Mini, is less than $25! Yes, you read that right. Less than twenty-five bucks. Who wouldn’t want to pick one up for going out on the town? I’d be much more at ease with breaking or losing a $20-something dollar device than I would a multi-hundred dollar fancy setup like my VapeDroid and Rose3 combo.

Curious about the vapor production of an ultraportable device? Check out our video!


Just in case you’re wondering the technical specs of these ultra-portables I mentioned, I’ll break them down below:

Device Name

Battery Life (mAh)

Pre-filled Cartridges?






In-store + Online


iCare Mini

Up to 2620


In-store + Online


Micro Cync



In-store Only


Standard Cync



In-store Only


Stealth Cync



In-store Only



To see new small, pocket-friendly devices arrive on the market is surprising considering how far vape technology has come. I'd always assumed the mods would get more powerful with bigger sizes accompanied with the bigger clouds. For this new era to be all about convenience and portability is refreshing and unexpected. The day of the ultraportables has arrived!

Read more about the fantastic Cync ultraportable here, and check out the iCare and iCare Mini in-store or online at covalvapes.com!

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