WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

No, Not the Movie with Liam Neeson

When you hear the name Five Pawns, what comes to mind? Luxury, high class, sophistication, and originality. I remember when I first tried Five Pawns back in 2014. I immediately fell in love with Bowden’s Mate and Caste Long. Something about paying the ~$30 price tag for a bottle made me feel extravagant. I’ll be honest though, I was a college student so the wallet took a huge hit spending that much on e-liquid. It was what I would label as a splurge.

For those unfamiliar, Five Pawns was founded in 2012 by Rodney Jerabeck with five original flavors. These five flavors hit all the traditional tastes known to man; sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (which is described as savory). One thing that always stood out about Five Pawns was the complexity of their flavors. Sometimes it was a bit disconcerting that I couldn’t taste every note mentioned in their detailed descriptions. However, with the creation of the Taken Three line, that has changed.

With the Taken Three, Five Pawns went with simple for their flavors. That simplicity meant that they could appeal to a broader audience in the vaping world. A big plus to the Taken Three line is its higher VG blend, because it’s a bit difficult to drip 50/50 blends of liquid. Too much PG and I’ll be in a coughing fit, so I’m quite happy with their choice of going 35/65 for their newest line. The absolute best part? They reduced the price of their e-liquid! The concept behind the Taken Three line is to be able to give everyone a chance to try high-end premium juice. At less than $20 for a 30ml bottle, the wallet doesn't seem to hurt nearly as much!

Treat yourself to a bottle of the Taken Three line today! I’ll break them down below:


  • Five Pawns’ take on a traditional Boston Cream Pie with prominent banana notes!


  • Five Pawns’ take on a lemon zest sugar cookie with authentic citrus notes.


  • Five Pawns’ take on a pineapple upside-down cake with a focus on sweet instead of tangy. This is my personal favorite from Taken Three!

All in all, we are very happy here at Coval Vapes to have the chance at partnering with one of the pillars of our industry. Cheers to you guys! “It’s your move…”

Grab your very own bottle from the Taken Three line now at covalvapes.com or in-store at our San Antonio, TX location.

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