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Proudly Announcing New Lower E-Liquid Prices

Proudly Announcing New Lower E-Liquid Prices

Coval Vapes has been around for a while. We’ve seen the rise and decline of mech mod users. We’ve seen the birth of sub-ohm tanks and their evolution since. We’ve seen the dawn of starter kits with such quality that they blow away triple-A items from only a few years ago. And, we’ve seen vapers embrace our company, and, most of all, our e-liquid. It is because of our appreciation of our customers and understanding of this changing industry that Coval Vapes is proud to announce that we have significantly discounted our regular line-up of e-liquid. For good.

Coval Vapes has taken great efforts to ensure that every drop of our e-liquid lives up to our rigid and thorough standards. Every new bottle of Nana Puddin should taste just like the last. Every decision made regarding our e-liquid from the glass bottles to strictly adhering to FDA regulations has been made to make absolutely sure that our e-liquid flavors will be available for the long haul. We have put serious effort into guaranteeing that our e-liquid not only stands out but also stands the test of time. We feel that we have succeeded in that regard.

But, we also understand that every vaper needs e-liquid that fits their budget. It is because of this that we ultimately decided to lower our e-liquid prices. Premium, professionally made e-liquid should not only be available to those with more wiggle room in their wallets but instead should be available for every single vaper out there. Why buy a Honda when the BMW costs the same? Why settle for off-brand when the name-brand is the same price? Well, why buy juice made in a kitchen when tried and true, carefully lab-created e-liquid costs the same?

So, please, indulge yourself. Come by either of our San Antonio locations or visit our website and grab high-end e-liquid with a brand new affordable price.

William Hildebrand
Coval Vapes

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Ed Andrews - May 02, 2018

Nothing but respect and appreciation for what you all do. It’s not a stretch to say vaping and, to a greater degree, the wonderful variety of vape fuel made with love and care by people like you has improved our quality of life, if not outright saved it. We thank you and will continue our support.

Mike Downing - May 02, 2018

Lower price is a great thing now if you would bring back snickerdoodle and blueberry custard I would be a happy guy!

Justin M - May 02, 2018

Making my Monday your my hero thank you for keeping up with the times I mention Coval every chance I get and this is just more icing on the cake. Thank you for everything I’ve been a loyal customer for years and will continue to do so. Have a good day!

Thomas - May 02, 2018

Thanks for always being awesome!
Keep up the good work.

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