WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Did Vape Forward Create the Perfect Portable Pocket Vape?

It seems like closed-loop systems are making a comeback these days, but this time they’re actually well made! Combined with some of the best e-liquid lines on the market, Vape Forward knocked it out of the park with their ultraportable creation: the Cync.

The Cync is a neat, convenient little setup that would work for anyone, new and seasoned vapers alike. There are three different battery styles offered. There's the Micro which offers 200mAh of battery life, the Standard at 380mAh, and the Stealth at 350mAh. As far as where your liquid is stored there are two options for the pods. There's a 1.5mL option and a 2.5mL as well! There's also different nicotine options for each pod. Generally, the 1.5mL pods will have 24mg of nicotine, some may have up to 45mg of nicotine. The 2.5mL pods however range from 6mg all the way up to 18mg. That's quite a variety that's sure to fit a persons vaping needs. As I mentioned before, Vape Forward partnered with some of the best e-liquid lines on the market. My personal favorites have been Milk & Honey from Cosmic Fog and Castelong from Five Pawns. Bear in mind, the pods come pre-filled with the correct amount of juice depending on the size of pod and they are not refillable.

It’s a perfect vape to take with you when you’re out as it doesn’t require extra batteries or bottles of e-liquid. And quite honestly, I’d be far less upset with misplacing my sub $30 Cync after a night out rather than my SX Mini Q-Class.

The Cync is super easy to use, maintain, and store. The stealth kit in particular is so small it fits in the extra pocket on your jeans! You know, the one nobody ever uses? The draw on it emulates almost exactly what it was like in the old analog days before vaping. Having been vaping since 2011 myself, that was a feeling I’d since forgotten. The Cync felt like an enjoyable trip down memory lane.

Having used some of the first vaping product ever on the market, I’m excited to see that after all this time someone finally got this technology right! I had assumed the days of button-less, puff-to-activate, closed-loop systems had come and gone, but Vape Forward somehow perfected it with the Cync. Now new vapers can enjoy the ease and simplicity of these fantastic devices, while experienced vapers can appreciate not having to haul extra batteries, e-liquid, and carrying cases with them for a night out on the town.

Currently, the Cync and its refill cartridges can only be purchased at our Brick and Mortar location in San Antonio, TX. We are located at 15122 San Pedro Ave. across from HEB. You’ll love the portability and convenience of the Cync and the other ultraportable devices we have available. See you soon!

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