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10 Most Popular Coval Vapes Flavors of 2015

10 Most Popular Coval Vapes Flavors of 2015

It's no surprise that 2015 was a huge year for Coval Vapes with the releases of some very popular e-liquid flavors, great new hardware, and our ever-growing fan base. Below we break down the 10 Most Popular Coval Vapes Flavors of 2015!

10. Creme Brulee

Coval Vapes Creme Brulee Dessert E-Liquid

Still considered one of our newer flavors, Creme Brulee's popularity rose due to its unique custard taste focusing on the creamy richness and subtle notes of the sugar glaze.

9. PBB Cream

Coval Vapes PBB Cream Dessert E-Liquid

Can we start calling this one a classic yet? The salty peanut butter paired with realistic banana and sweet caramel was part of 2014's Top 10. Yep, I'm calling it. PBB Cream is a classic.

8. Pearberry

Coval Vapes Pearberry Fruity E-Liquid

Pearberry was the sleeper hit of 2015. Though it is one of our first ever flavors, it became a fan-favorite this year as more and more people came to love the pairing of tart and sugary fruits.

7. Butterscotch Pudding

Coval Vapes Butterscotch Pudding Dessert E-Liquid

This is not your grandfather's butterscotch. Butterscotch Pudding came in out of nowhere and quickly became a huge hit with vapers. The vanilla pudding perfectly complements the tangy notes.

6. Strawberry Creamcake

Coval Vapes Strawberry Creamcake Dessert E-Liquid

Stawberry Creamcake has long been a favorite around the shop, and that love stretched out to our customers this year. Coconut cream cheese frosting? Yes. Strawberry cake? Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

5. Azeroth

Coval Vapes Azeroth Sweet Pipe Tobacco E-Liquid

Azeroth has changed so many opinions on what a tobacco vape can be. So much so, it's in the top 5! Countless vapers have switched from saying "I don't like tobaccos" to "I need more Azeroth!"

4. Nana Puddin

Coval Vapes Nana Pudding Dessert E-Liquid

People really liked pudding flavors in 2015, and Nana Puddin was easily the most popular. Fresh bananas plus vanilla pudding plus vanilla wafer cookies? I can't even type that without getting hungry.

3. Loopy Pebbles

Coval Vapes Loopy Pebbles Cereal E-Liquid

Loopy Pebbles was a huge hit in 2015 How huge? It hit the Top 3 and it was only released in August of 2015. The true grain cereal taste with notes of milk made this the most popular cereal blend of 2015.

2. Churro

Coval Vapes Churro Donut Dessert or Breakfast E-Liquid


Coval's first true hit, Churro stuck it out at the #2 slot in 2015 and we're not surprised. Non-Texans were treated to a donut flavor like no other, while us Texans were treated to a little piece of home.

1. Crunchberry

Coval Vapes Crunchberry Breakfast Cereal E-Liquid


People simply can't get enough of Coval Vapes' #1 e-liquid flavor of 2015: Crunchberry. Is it the nostalgia of grabbing that big handful of dry breakfast cereal from back when you were a kid? Maybe it's simply because this flavor is absolutely freaking delicious. Whatever the reason, Crunchberry was Coval's biggest hit by a landslide.


So, how did your favorite Coval flavors stack up in the Top 10? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook! Don't forget to try the Coval Vapes Signature Selection featuring many of our Top 10 flavors, so you can try the best of what Coval has to offer with special pricing!

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Kimberly Oquist Jihnson - Dec 23, 2015

I love it when I stumble across smaller private vape shops and especially e liquid companies. When I find a company that uses the best ingredients, spends many hours perfecting delicious and unique flavors, that’s who I want to give my business too. I feel that it is a passion, a dream, a determination to give your customers the very best because it’s the customers, fellow vapers that quit smoking last week or 3 years ago that makes you do what you do. There are companies that are started by a man and a woman that are to be married, young, just years out of their universities but they quit smoking and thought that they can educate themselves and make their own e liquid and start their own business and through social media and word of mouth and love, sweat, and tears have a company that is growing because they consider their customers friends and build friendships and from there it’s word of mouth. That’s just one of a few stories that I know of and I don’t know how your company started but I see that it’s personal for you too. These are the e liquid companies that I want to give my business too. I was on your website earlier making a shopping list of all the flavors I want to try. I know I can only afford a few bottles but I will go back through and pick out the ones I want to order this , my first order from you. I am trying to figure out how to get the 20 percent off New Year code to work but I don’t know where to put it. I am afraid if I put my payment info in and there is no place to receive the 23 percent off then I will have spent more than I can afford. I hope you are PST but then again I think this sale goes until Jan. 3, so I should be ok. I’m going to see if my shopping cart is still there with 400.00 worth of e liquid. LOL. I wish!!! I really need to get than down closer to 75.00. I am quite happy that every flavor I chose is on your top 10 list plus more. I like the deal with the eliquid and the XL eGo ONE but I had an eGo ONE and I’m returning it because the base ring stuck on the battery and there is nothing and I have tried everything to remove it and it is not coming off. I don’t know what the problem is. Some sort of permanent suction with the O rings, maybe. I do like the large tank and it looks very easy to fill. I’ll debate with myself. It is a very good deal with your other line of more basic e liquid and a 5 pk. of coils. That’s a great deal. Thank you for making wonderful sounding e liquids and I can’t wait to try them all. Your creations are exactly the flavors I like. I like flavors that are on the creative and original side. Happy New Year Coval Vapes.

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