WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Talkin' Squonkin' with Preston Kight of Vapor Flask

By now the term vapor flask is part of most vapers' vocabulary and with good reason. The machining is impeccable, the performance is phenomenal, and the device is absolutely gorgeous. Preston Kight from Vapor Flask took a minute to chat with us about the company and about their new Vapor Flask Squonk edition.


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Coval Vapes: How long has Vapor Flask been around?

Preston Kight: So, the release of the first version one Vapor Flask was August 14th, 2014 at the Dixie's Vape Shop booth at Vape-a-palooza (a small local convention here in Georgia.) This first version was a dual 18650 DNA30 without user-changeable batteries.

CV: What was the goal when VaporFlask started?

PK: When Charlie started Vapor Flask, he wanted the best form factor for the best battery life available. Dual 18650 provided more than enough battery life, so it was just a matter of finding the form factor. Coming from an age old design, the traditional flask is designed for convenience and ease of use. So, he sort of adopted that design and used it in this industry. He wanted it to be the highest quality possible, so that’s what we did! From product quality, to the customer experience, in all aspects.

CV: What was your inspiration to design a squonk Flask?

PK: We noticed there has always been somewhat of a niche market for bottom-fed devices. The reason for this market not being as large as I (personally) think it has the potential to be, is due to the fact that there aren’t many BF mods due to the lack of bottom fed atomizers. We opted to come out with the squonk flask to offer a quality product that isn’t necessarily "hard to get," as in you don’t have to sign up for lists, be in secret groups, etc. Our retailers readily stock them so the general public can have the opportunity to purchase a quality bottom feeder device.

CV: What's your favorite BF atty?

PK: That is a difficult question, I have different vaping styles depending on what I’m vaping. I usually use higher nic (12-20mg) and when I do that I prefer the tight draw and flavor of mesh off the No-Tank by No-Name mods. If I’m on a low nic kick, I’ll either use the Origin V2 with a BF kit or a Chalice V3.

CV: What's next for VF?

PK: Whats next for us? Hmm, well all I will say is we are constantly working on new things. We are never really stagnant in our R&D department. I'm really excited for some of the stuff we are going to be dropping, and I’m sure the community will feel the same way, but as for now I’ll leave that as a mystery as for the actual design!


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