WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Notch Above the Rest

Coval Vapes is proud to introduce the latest in future vaping: the Notch Coil by JayBo and Wismec. Remember back in 2012 when the most impressive coils were the Aspire BDCs? Then, it progressed into rebuilding micro-coils. From there the diameter of the coil kept getting bigger and bigger. Once they reached a decently large size, creative vapers started experimenting with “Exotic Wire” such as the Clapton, alien, zippers, etc.

Fast-forward to 2016, the great mind that is JayBo, partnered up with Wismec to create the Notch coil.

Its massive in size measuring in at 4.5mm, with a varying resistance of .2Ω-.3Ω (depending on atomizer/device used), and the best part? It’s all one piece! No more pulse firing and pinching. What a time to be alive!

Installation is fairly simple. Just position the coil where you want it and tighten down the screws! Keep in mind however, due to its size you’re going to be limited on what atomizers can support the Notch coil. Generally, you’ll want something with a deep juice well and/or a large build deck. For example, I use a Notch in my HOBO Drifter with Strudel at 55 watts. I’ll call that my #NotchFavorite! The main thing you want to pay attention to when it comes to installation is the leads which are welded to the coil itself.

Maybe you're saying that you're already really happy with my regular Kanthal and Clapton wire, so what are the advantages of using a Notch coil? Well let’s talk about its ease of use. As I mentioned earlier, installing the coil is as easy as tying your shoes. They even come pre-wicked! No adjustments are going to be needed so that means you can just drop it into your favorite atty and enjoy your favorite Coval e-liquid immediately!

Their gargantuan size will provide a huge surface area of coverage which means every puff is wonderfully saturated and flavorful. The Notch coils are made of 316L stainless steel so for those who dig temp control, you can rejoice in being able to run a Notch at your favorite temp for true vaping perfection. Now Coval does not recommend dry firing the Notch coil. Due to its design it’s already going to fire evenly from the inside out. A simple re-wicking will be enough for a few bottles of juice.

We don't see as much true innovation these days in the vaping world, so for something like JayBo & Wismec's Notch coil to come out and make such a splash is a reason to get excited! While supplies last, Coval Vapes is offering a free Notch coil with every bottle of e-liquid purchased in-store & online! For online purchases, just use the coupon code NOTCH at checkout!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget... it's a hobby, not a habit.™

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