WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Introducing Sweet Spot Vapors Titanium Wire

One of the coolest features about the DNA200 is the ability to load in custom wire profiles. This allows for people to use a variety of metals for temperature control including SS316L (Stainless Steel), Nickel, Titanium, NiFe30 (Nichrome) and more.

When people first discussed titanium wires for temperature control, there was a lot of worry about purity, impurities, possible contaminants, the formation of titanium dioxide, and more. For this reason we held off carrying any titanium wire until just now.

Sweet Spot Vapors (SSV) is not off the shelf industrial wire, it’s made from a custom metallurgical process SSV developed with their foundry and drawing facilities. The wire contains no chromium or nickel and is certified medical grade titanium. The wire goes through a multistage vacuum annealing process that removes impurities and allows for the most consistent heating possible. SSV states their wire will not form any chromium, nickel or iron oxides so the flavor remains pure and all of the wire is cleaned in an ultrasonic/steam bath using a food safe degreaser followed by a rinse in distilled water.

Sweet Spot Vapers Titanium Wire

So which wire size do I use?

0.3mm: ideal for rebuildable clearomizer coils, ramps up and regulates temperature quickly.

0.4mm: ideal for RTAs and VV/VW devices, regulates temperature faster than 0.5mm and a slightly cooler vape

0.5mm: ideal for RDAs and large airflow atomizers, slower ramp up and builds up slightly more heat

0.6mm Ti-X: ideal for cloud chasers, most similar to kanthal

TI-X is most similar to kanthal and designed for VV/VW mods and mech mods. The resistance is relatively fixed so it is not used for temperature control. It’s very stiff so we recommend using a coil jig to wrap your TI-X coils.

If you are using the DNA200 platform, you can download the wire profiles here!

If you are using a Vape Forward device, we recommend a TCR of 0.00375

If you are using a SX or other device, we recommend a TCR of 0.00340

We do NOT recommend dry firing titanium wire - SSV recommends spaced coils. SSV Ti wire acts as a fuse and when max temperature is exceeded the wire will “fail” - this is by design. Give SSV Titanium a try - I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

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Dalyn Vick - Mar 30, 2016

Thank you so much for watching out for our well being, I know we had talk about this a while back and you earn a lot of respect with myself.

Ken - Mar 30, 2016

I just bought the same To wire from sweet spot vapors. I’m curious as to why the tcr varies between devices. Is it just that inconsistencies occur from mod to mod in their ability to accurately regulate temperature in Tc mode?

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