WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Signature Selection

A few of you may have a noticed a nifty little pack of e-liquid floating around www.covalvapes.com called the Coval Vapes Signature Selection. At a glance, it is pretty clear that this sampler contains some of Coval's most popular blends, but have you ever wondered why?

Well, I'm here to tell you.

Each and every Coval Vapes flavor has its fair share of fans, but some more than others. When a new vaper comes into the fold, too wide a variety of choices can be overwhelming and even dissuade a potential ex-smoker from making the switch. So, we decided to take Coval's six most definitive flavors and create what is now called our Signature Selection. These weren't simply popular flavors, but these were the flavors that define the Coval Vapes experience. These are flavors that a new vaper could grab at a heavily discounted rate in order to truly discover what suits their palate.

And not just new vapers, either. Veteran vapers who are just now being made aware of Coval's premium e-liquid can make their first experience with us a breeze. No more time wasted reading description after description or review after review. The Signature Selection is some of Coval Vapes' most popular and unique e-liquid flavors conveniently packaged just for you.

Can't decide which of Coval's many wonderful flavors to try? Make it easy on yourself and grab the flavors that defined who Coval Vapes is and what they stand for. The Signature Selection is the best of what we offer, and at a price everyone can love.

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Richard Narlock - Jan 19, 2016

I only buy Coval Vapes liquid. It isn’t the least expensive but it’s definitely the very best. Each liquid has plenty of flavor.

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